A Dangerous Madness by Michelle Diener

Welcome to my first post on Love Lines, a blog I dedicate to all the wonderful romance writers who bring their readers so much pleasure and entertainment. Like many of you, I have an enormous store of books, overflowing from book shelves and even busting out of my Kindle, if such a thing is possible. I have decided to review and share them as it is such a pity to keep good news to oneself.

My first review is Michelle Diener’s delightful sweet Regency romance, A Dangerous Sweet Regency RomanceMadness. It’s beautifully written and combines romance with adventure in a story in which Michelle skilfully blends fact and fiction when Miss Phoebe Hillier and James, Duke of Whittaker get caught up in the conspiracy surrounding the assassination of British prime minister Spencer Percival in May 1812.

I love learning about history through my fiction, and Michelle has obviously done a great deal of research around the only successful assassination of a British prime minister. Spencer Percival was a man with many political enemies and investigating each group against a tight deadline provided fascinating insight into England’s domestic politics during the Regency.

However, the history never interferes with but rather compliments Phoebe and James’ growing romance. James has a reputation as a dissolute Duke, one he has cultivated at great pains to allow him to penetrate circles no respectable person would be seen in – or trusted in. Phoebe is 25, in the care of her aunt, and engaged to a man she does not like. However, when Lord Sheldrake jilts and makes a run for the continent, he not only threatens to ruin her personal standing in the ton but also puts her life in danger as his connection to the plot to assassinate the prime minister is revealed. Although he is initially not sure if he can trust her, it is up to James to save her life.

Aside from the history, there were a couple of things I particularly liked about A Dangerous Madness. The dialogue between the two protagonists is witty and the romance underlined by growing admiration and desire. The heroine has courage and the hero … well, I do love a grown up, emotionally mature and chivalrous hero. A little part of me will always be in love with the Duke of Whittaker. Further, the book came in the most beautiful paperback edition which I will treasure. It is also available as an ebook.

Michelle has two other Regency romances, Emperor’s Conspiracy and A Banquet of Lies as well as a host of other books. She writes in two genres, historical romance and science fiction/fantasy, and I look forwarded to reading more of her work.

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A Dangerous Madness is a sweet Regency Romance

6 thoughts on “A Dangerous Madness by Michelle Diener

  1. Bookworm

    Hey Laura!

    Welcome to the Blog community πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to your book reviews. I just LOVED this book to pieces! I’ve bought the other two but for some reason never had a chance to read them. Now that you’ve reminded me of this series, I’m moving them both to the top of my TBR πŸ™‚

    Here is my review of it on b2b, myblog [and thank you for stopping by and following us!] πŸ˜‰




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    1. lauraboon2014 Post author

      Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by. I am a fan of your blog which addresses many important issues. My guiding principal will be sharing books that I love from my private collection (a never ending pile, believe me!). I met a wise radio book reviewer many years ago who said he had so little airtime to give to books that he wasn’t going to spend it trashing books he didn’t enjoy but rather promoting books he thought were excellent. I have always remembered that as a very sensible, positive approach to using one’s time wisely. Of course, sometimes there are unpleasant issues one must comment on but for the most part, I simply want to promote good books. Of course, good writers often deal with tough issues but in a way that does not spoil the read. I will be covering all genres of romance. However, I confess there are likely to be more reviews of Regency romances and a range of contemporary love stories as that is what I read most.



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