US start-up offers serialised fiction in ebook and audiobook formats

Would you like to read your books in serial form, like a Sunday comic strip or a weekly TV series?

Romance Writers of Australia

Bookseller + Publishing and Publishers Weekly have reported that a new American digital publishing venture named Serial Box has started operating. It aims to deliver original fiction in ebook and audiobook formats on a weekly basis. Serial Box was founded by former Penguin Random House global digital director Molly Barton and former Justice Department senior counsel Julian Yap. Their aim is to to emulate the episode nature of TV series in what appears to be a more formal publishing venture than the chapter by chapter uploads on websites such as Wattpad.

Serial Box will employ a team of writers to produce series of between 13-16 episodes, with a lead writer assigned to shape each series. Episodes can be accessed on an app that can toggle between ebook and audio formats, as well as through Google Play and iTunes. There is a two-tier pricing structure with each episode costing subscribers US$1.59 and non-subscribers US$1.99 . The first…

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