AUSSIE MONTH with Delwyn Jenkins

Giving a good interview is as much of a skill as asking interesting questions and writing good books. Love this interview with Delwyn Jenkins on AusRomToday.


Delwyn Jenkins

AUSSIE MONTH with Delwyn Jenkins

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about Kissed By Water:
Kissed By Water is the story of a modern-day Witch who is tired of being the shy, good girl. She wants to spread her wings but the man she wants to take her on that journey believes he’s all wrong for her. She cares enough about him to trust him, and he cares enough about her to turn her away.

What inspired this novel?
This is book three in a series, so the inspiration is long-standing. There are a lot of books out there about magic and Witches, but so much of it is poorly researched (or just plain wrong) it was really frustrating. So I wanted to write a series that is more closely aligned to the true spirit of the old religions.

Very early on, when I was matching up…

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