Of love and loss

Victoria and Albert – the greatest love story of the nineteenth century and perhaps one of the greatest love stories of all time.


Some months back, I posted about the unhappy Juana of Castile and her erratic behaviour when her husband died. Grief, it seemed, pushed her over the edge, and life would never again be the same. In Juana’s case, very much the truth, what with her spending over four decades locked up.

Victoria and AlbertThere are, of course, various other examples of people who have loved so much it left them vulnerable to immense heartache upon the loss of the other, and one example that immediately springs to mind is that of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

I must come clean and admit from the beginning that I am not much of a Victoria fan – or rather, of the Victorian age as such. IMO, it suffices to look at the clothes to understand why – that, and what I perceive as the hypocrisy of the age. Since some weeks back, however, I’ve…

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2 thoughts on “Of love and loss

  1. lauraboon2014 Post author

    I’m becoming more and more of a Victorian historical romance fan. I’m reading some early Victorian fiction by Lisa Kleypas that I missed out on before, and I do like Courtney Milan.



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