Book Editing and Promotion Services

Editing sells manuscripts and publicity sells books. The aim of my business It’s All Write is to help authors with both.

I also provide business writing and editing services.


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The difference between a finished manuscript and a published book is the quality of the edit and the rewrite. A good editor never prescribes but works with the writer to bring out the best in the story.

I have over fifteen years’ experience in the book industry and as an editor. As an Accredited Editor with the Institute for Professional Editors (IPEd), I help writers with story arc, plot, character, setting and other elements. I  also provide copy editing and proofreading services and can help with the two key elements in the pitching and submissions process: the synopsis and query letter.

For manuscript assessments and edits, email me at for a quotation. Fees are based on word count. Please include the following details:

  • It's All Write Quote Card 1Length of manuscript (word count)
  • Genre
  • Requirements (assessment, structural edit, copy edit, proofreading)
  • Deadline
  • Objective (self-publish, publishing house etc)
  • Anything else you think may be important for me to know


Terms and conditions:

  1. Electronic submissions only. Please provide text as a Word document.
  2. It is preferable that your manuscript be complete when submitted (at least a first draft). However, we will also assess partial manuscripts following discussion.
  3. Fifty percent of the agreed fee is due on acceptance of quotation. The remainder of the fee is payable prior to handover of edit.
  4. The editor is happy to correspond with the writer regarding the edit / report once completed.


Publicity is still the most effective tool for book promotion. If you are approaching publication, I can help you put together a launch campaign to make your book as visible as possible regardless of whether you are an indie author or traditionally published. Which bloggers and journalists are likely to be interested in your book? What are the interesting angles for  interviews? Is your book suitable to pitch you for radio and TV interviews? How do you make your book available to reviewers? Do you have material for posting on your social media platforms? We can do all this and more for you, at a price designed to be affordable for both individual authors and small publishers.

Email me at for a personalised quotation.

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