Romancing the Alps

The Millionaire Mountain Climber, Romancing the Alps #1

Available booksWhen danger threatens a bona fide city girl, an adventurer is her only hope of rescue

Mountain climber Matt Hanley is a former investment manager whose lean body and rugged good looks epitomize an outdoor adrenaline junky. When his business partner in their country hotel is injured, he needs an efficient replacement in a hurry.

Hailey Gordon lives a chic city life free of adventures and daredevils. She craves stability and security but loses her job and boyfriend on the same day. A holiday job in France is the perfect escape from her troubles.

Sparks ignite when Matt and Hailey meet, but she resolves to ignore the flame flickering between them. Aside from the fact Matt is her boss, she is convinced he is not her type. Matt is determined to teach Hailey to look beyond appearances. He needs to show her how good they are together, even if he must risk life and limb to do so.


Hailey drank in the landscape, noticing the clarity of the late afternoon sky and the way the snow-capped peaks glistened despite the fading light.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said Matt.  “Trending down the valley, you have the villages of Argentiere and Les Praz and the town of Chamonix. Behind Chamonix you can see the Grand Mama of all the peaks, Mont Blanc.”

“Yes, the pens––and the chocolates.” She shook her head. What hubris to name a pen after the magnificent towering peak, but what marketing genius.

Matt grinned. “Ah, you know the chocolates, do you? We’ll have to buy you some.”

“From the lips to the hips,” she murmured, “and I am sure they don’t do the mountain justice.”

“Come on, let’s get you inside before your face turns blue, and I earn a reprimand from Genie for chatting up scantily-clad women in sub-zero temperatures.”

“Really? You were chatting me up? I’m flattered.”

The smile turned wicked. “You’re welcome.” As he bent to pick up her suitcase, he dropped his head next to hers and murmured into her ear in a low, deep voice, sending shivers down her spine. “For the record, Hailey, your curves are perfect. A little chocolate won’t do them any harm.”

She blushed, and the fire of his words flickered all the way through her belly. When was the last time her ex had paid her a compliment? An appalling thought crossed her mind; she, the High Priestess of Order and Long-Term Planning, was ripe for the picking and contemplating a holiday romance.


Sensual and action packed … with witty banter and sexual tension that will keep you turning the pages. – Helen Sibbritt, Good Reads, 4 stars

Tongue in cheek sexiness … with plenty of opportunity to smile, chuckle or perhaps blush a little. – Shelagh Merlin, Good Reads, 4 stars

Romance at its finest is found from the beginning to the end with a flirty handsome mountain climber and a fed-up events planner. – Celeste, Beyond the Covers blog, Good Reads, 4 stars

Matt and sassy Hailey have an awesome chemistry. Well written with lots of laughs, sassiness, and fun. My first book by this author who is now on my watch for more list. – Tracie Simister, Amazon, 5 stars

What I really liked about this story was the strong heroine. She talks back, she’s real and doesn’t take much lying down – even when she succumbs to her hero. Who I have to say is also not a run of the mill hero. He’s had set backs (and of course overcome them) and has strong friendships. With this the story zips along with great dialogue especially between the two main characters – Hailey and Matt – in the wonderfully romantic setting of the French Alps. Magnificent scenery, snow, log fires and mountain dangers. I’d highly recommend this book if you like a good romance, strong characters and a story that keeps you wanting to read one more chapter until it’s very late at night! I can’t wait to see more from this author. – Sally, Amazon, 5 stars

I loved this book. It had a great plot, awesome characters and a breathtaking setting. It really is everything you want in a romance novel; sweet, sexy and fun. I didn’t just read this book, I devoured it. I am so excited to read the next book in the Romancing The Alps series. Gem’s Book Nook, 4 stars

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